The FunFair Wallet

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Driving fast, easy, low-cost adoption for your dapp

The only white-label wallet service, which is secure, user-focused, and built for a seamless integration into third-party apps, in any browser and on any device.

How the FunFair Wallet works for the developer

The Wallet adapts to your needs. We’ve built it to be flexible for your dapp to use how you see fit.


Built for B2B. Keep your users in your ecosystem with no need to sign up externally to a third-party wallet.


A seamless transition between your dapp and your wallet. Key design elements are customised.


Our wallet was built with dapp integration in mind. A no-hassle, fully flexible process.

For Ethereum

We've done the hard work. No changes to web3 or ethersjs code required, so you can concentrate on your dapp build.

Easy as KYC

Global KYC coverage with parameters configurable to your legal and marketing needs.

Delivering your users with a wallet experience that works for them.

A wallet built for everyday use in the real-world.

Access anywhere

Bringing the wallet to the user with any browser, any device, no plug-ins required.


Your users keep complete control of their funds. No exceptions.

For the many

Complex web 3.0 processes are hidden behind recognisable web 2.0 usability.

Network effects

A community of dapps under one wallet through single sign-on, increasing ROI


Straightforward security processes through 2FA, account recovery, import, and export.


Full transaction and ledger history in a readable format for all.

Dapps will change our digital lives for the better, so join us now and make it happen.

Our expert team will be with you every step of the journey. Whether it's ethereum coding issues or user journey improvements, we've been building and managing dapps for years.

Commercial Team

Lloyd Purser


The Technical Team

Oli Hopton


Fred Kessler


Josh Stevens

Senior Engineer